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9.26 Doug Stanhope returns to HMAC – Only PA performance!

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Doug Stanhope

Sun, September 29, 2019


Tix available at

Doug Stanhope returns

  To the Capitol Room at Hmac for his only PA performance on this tour! If you’re a fan of Doug, I would get tickets fast because you know every show sells out and this one is already on its way!

Doors are at 6 to give you plenty of time to grab some drinks and some food from HMAC’s fantastic restaurant and bar!

21+ event.

9.28 Southern Culture On The Skids at HMAC

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The Split Squad

Sat, September 28, 2019, 8PM -12AM

Doors at 7:00 PM

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HMAC Stage on Herr 1110 N. 3rd Street Harrisburg, PA

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Advanced Admission $25

Southern Culture On The Skids

Has been consistently recording and touring around the world since its inception in 1983, when Rick Miller was a grad student at UNC-Chapel Hill. The current lineup (Dave Hartman – drums; Mary Huff – bass and vocals;Rick Miller – guitar and vocals) has been playing together for over 30 years. The band’s musical journey has taken them from all night NC house parties to late night network talk shows, and from performing at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan to rockin’ out for the inmates at NC Correctional Facilities. Their music has been featured in movies and TV, and used to sell everything from diamonds to pork sausage, and their legendary live shows are a testament to the therapeutic powers of foot-stomping, butt-shaking rock and roll.

9.27 Social Repose w/ Johnnie Guilbert

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Social Repose

special guest Johnnie Guilbert

local support TBA

Friday | September 27 | 7PM Doors – 8PM Show

HMAC 1110 N 3rd St Harrisburg, PA 17102

Advanced General Admission $15

All ages show

Social Repose

Richard M. Giese, known professionally as Social Repose, is an American singer, songwriter and YouTubepersonality.

9.27 Headbangers Ball Tour- Penntera, Vatallica & Show No Mercy

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Penntera (Pa’s Premier PANTERA Tribute Band)

Vatallica (METALLICA Tribute)


Wrath of Typhon (Original Metal)

Xstrophy (Original Metal)

Friday September 27th at HMAC: Stage on Herr

$15 Advance / $20 Day of Show!!!!



Show No Mercy

Wrath of Typhon


9.26 Kottonmouth Kings w/ support TBA

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Kottonmouth Kings

w/ support TBA

Friday  |  September 26  |  Doors 7PM – Show 8PM

HMAC 1110 N. 3rd St. Harrisburg, PA 17102

$22 Advanced General Admission Tickets

18 & up


Kottonmouth Kings

An American hip hop group from Placentia, Orange County, California. The band officially formed in 1996, describing their eclectic sound as “psychedelic hip-hop punk rock”. The group’s original lineup consisted of D-Loc, Saint Dog, and Johnny Richter.

9.26 Psychotica Live Presented by 717 Entertainment

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Thu, September 26, 2019, 7:00 PM EDT

Doors at 6:30 PM

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HMAC Stage on Herr 1110 N. 3rd Street Harrisburg, PA

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Advance Admission $15

Psychotica Are an American Industrial Band

Formed in 1994 by Pat Briggs and Tommy Salmorin with a band consisting of Paul Kostabi, cellist Enrique Tiru Velez, backing vocalist Reeka, and drummer Buz. They have released three albums. Psychotica are best known for their participation in the 1996 Lollapalooza tour which also included Soundgarden, the Ramones, the Screaming Trees and Metallica.

In 1998, Psychotica added guitarist Clint Walsh and released Espina. A tour with Jack Off Jill and Switchblade Symphony followed. Shortly after the tour, Briggs moved to Los Angeles. Briggs and Kostabi went in different directions and Psychotica disbanded.

In the summer of 2009, Briggs and Kostabi reunited to begin work on the fourth Psychotica album. Psychotica partnered with Christian Menses and his independent record label, Toxic Shock Records to re-release Pandemic.

9.20 Unlimited Gravity at HMAC

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Unlimited Gravity

support TBA


Friday | September 20, 2019 | Doors 7PM Show 8PM


HMAC 1110 N. 3rd St. Harrisburg, PA 17102

$15 Advanced General Admission Tickets


18+ to enter / 21+ to drink

“DEMIGOD PT. 1” now available on MHSM Records


   Unlimited Gravity (Ronnie Weberg) is a multi-talented, life-long musician, originating from the heart of the contemporary electronic music scene – Denver, Colorado. The Unlimited Gravity sound is best described as an ingenious alchemical hybrid, combining the chaotic energy of crunchy crunk beats with the calculated precision and intensity of a classically trained composer. Setting himself apart from the masses, Ronnie has the unique ability to masterfully create the most marvelous dichotomy of sound within each track. Two dynamically oppositional forces are pitted against each other in a musical battle royale; the result is always a titanic struggle of epic proportions, from which only Unlimited Gravity could possibly emerge victorious.

    Performing live using completely original productions, Ronnie tramples genre boundaries with an energy that is utterly impossible to replicate. Unlimited Gravity adheres to no laws. He defies physics with his musical feats, and is helping to usher in a new era of musicality, creativity, and originality in electronic music. As Vice President of the Mile High Sound Movement, one of the most influential artist collectives in Colorado, Unlimited Gravity is changing the face of electronic and bass music.
   Ronnie and the President of The Mile High Sound Movement, Jay Jaramillo (Project Aspect), also have a collaborative project titled “Unlimited Aspect.” Unlimited Aspect is an absolutely one-of-a-kind performance, combining the explosive energy of two of Colorado’s most talented artists to form a synthesis of face-melting siren synths and earth-shaking basslines. Project Aspect and Unlimited Gravity are unreservedly the best at what they do.
-Written by Ethan Baer (

9.19 Silvertung with Eternal Frequency and High Class Nitty Gritty

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Eternal Frequency
High Class Nitty Gritty

Thu, September 19, 2019, 7:00 PM EDT

Doors at 6:30 PM

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HMAC Stage on Herr 1110 N. 3rd Street Harrisburg, PA

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Advanced Admission $10

Silvertung Will Be Releasing Their New Album

   (BUT, AT WHAT COST??!) through Thermal Entertainment on February 15, 2019. The lead single and video DONE MY BEST is schedule to debut the week of January 13th.

​   Since blazing onto the rock scene, Silvertung have proven that hard work, grit and great songs are still the recipe for success in the competitive hard rock landscape. With three albums and one EP released, they’ve amazed fans and critics alike by hitting the Billboard Mainstream Rock Radio Chart three times with their singles – “Never Too Late,” “Face The Music” and “You & Me”.

   The band’s music videos have garnered over 1.5 million+ YouTube views and are still climbing. In addition, the band received two Maryland Music Awards – “Best Heavy Metal Band” and “Breakout Artist.” Silvertung performed live at the televised event.


Via Silvetung Website

9.14 Monuments w/ Skyharbor at HMAC

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local support TBA

Saturday | September 14 | Doors 7PM – Show 8PM


1110 N. 3rd St.
Harrisburg, PA 17102

$20 Advanced General Admission

18+ / 21+ to drink

Progressive metal luminaries Monuments are back

 Their most innovative work yet is their new album, Phronesis. The transcontinental metallers sated fans and made new ones across Europe, Australia, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States, sharing the stage with Protest the Hero, Animals As Leaders, Karnivool, After the Burial, and Devin Townsend.

   When Monuments returned home, it was time to heal up physically and mentally. The opportunity to mend minds and heal wounds not only fortified Monuments, it afforded primary songwriter John Browne space to craft Monuments’ best material to date. Coupled with vocalist Chris Barretto’s “blank slate” lyrical mandate, Phronesis isn’t about starting over but rather moving forward. “I find that I’ve always thrived when writing about subjects that trouble me,” says guitarist/principal songwriter John Browne. “I always have written music to objectively relate it to points in time, points of chaos, and how it related to my universe. That made the writing process difficult for me, writing as a blank slate with no relation to an event involved in my perception. My personal relationship with the meaning of the record started at ‘Stygian Blue,’ which was the second song I wrote back in 2015. This song came to be while I was in the darkest place I’ve ever been in my 32 years. We all had a bunch of issues that needed time to let heal, so in between writing we were fixing our broken souls.”

Monuments are on the leading edge of musical virtuosity, vocal superiority, and lyrical smarts. Progressive metal is ready for Monuments to take the genre to new heights with Phronesis. “Phronesis is definitely a turning point,” says Browne, “The production is better, the songs are solid, and it’s brought us back together again after a difficult few years. I believe the record is solid and I’m excited for everyone to hear it and hopefully enjoy it.”

MONUMENTS are: Chris Barretto (vocals), John Browne (guitar), Olly Steele (guitar), Adam Swan (bass), and Daniel ‘Lango’ Lang (drums, samples). Expect to see Monuments on stage at HMAC 2019.


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