Rebirth in Midtown Harrisburg

In Pennsylvania, Harrisburg is often known more as an symbol than a destination. As a result of the acrimony and intransigence that is the norm in the legislature, Pennsylvanians are apt to forget that this mid-state municipality is more than just the state capital.

Keller Williams | Higher Ground

In everything, balance. We aspire towards it. We lie about having it. Balance is a common tie between so many aspects of our being. Work and play, sleep and wake. Eastern, Greek and modern philosophies are steeped in it. Even a silver lining needs a touch of grey.

H·MAC: 2016 Tourism Business of the Year

Harrisburg Regional Visitors Bureau recently handed out accolades for its Partners in Tourism Awards, one of the lucky recipients was Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center, which received the Tourism Business of the Year honor.

Art in Balance: Motorcycles & Fine Art

Art in Balance: Motorcycles and Fine Art juxtaposes modern and contemporary artworks with a special group of eight motorcycles. Visitors are invited to explore the connections that link two-dimensional works of art with three-dimensional machines.

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