Lust in Space w/The Dogs Of Lust & RuckZuck

Lust in Space w/The Dogs Of Lust & RuckZuck

Fri, October 13, 2017

9:00 pm

Stage on Herr

Harrisburg, PA


The Dogs of Lust LOVE Halloween!!!
This year, we present Lust In Space.
3 webisodes and the 4th episode LIVE!!!!
Live show is OCT 13 (Ruckzuck will be opening)
See the exciting conclusion of Flax, Drek, and Zeora's wild night of planet hopping with DOL providing the soundtrack!

Watch the trailer:

Watch episode 1:

Watch episode 2:

The Dogs Of Lust
The Dogs Of Lust
Simply put, The Dogs of Lust are the Anti-Pop. Or is it Seductive Groove Rock? They're definitely not a jam band. Impossible to pigeon-hole, they broadly straddle genres and defy classification at every turn. Catchy vocal hooks and infectious dance grooves could almost make the Dogs mainstream if not for their forays into lengthy progressive and orchestrated pieces and spontaneous free jams. One could say that the Dogs of Lust are to a band like Phish what the Doors were to the Grateful Dead.
While the schtick of The Dogs of Lust is that of a gang of horny drunks, in truth the band stands for creativity and originality, always striving to put something new in the world that you've never heard or seen before. Their natural artistry even occasionally presents itself visually for their larger shows, most notably their annual two night Halloween theme show spectacular hosted every year by Bube's Brewery in Mount Joy, involving intricate all-encompassing decorations, and dozens of guest performers, actors, and artists.
The Dogs released their first full length studio album "Beware of . . . The Dogs of Lust" in May 2012, from which the songs "Don't You Even Call Me Now" and "Dead City" have received local radio airplay.
The Dogs have played, and will continue to play all your favorite stages between Harrisburg, Lancaster, and York. With over a decade's worth of original music under their belt they can fit in and feel at home in nearly any kind of venue.
It's a little punk rock. It's a little blues. A little country, a little reggae, a little jammy, a little new wave, a little sentimental, a little cynical, a little silly, and a little serious. It's seductive groove rock. It's the anti-pop. Aw screw it, let's just call 'em ROCK and get back to gettin' down!
Carving their place in today’s musical landscape with improv space-jams and melodically dark songwriting, Ruckzuck keeps tradition of the “psychedelic freak out!“ show alive. This trippy trio found their name and sonic inspiration from the progressive sounds of 70's space, glam, psychedelic & kraut Rock, in addition to current day psych-music greats.
Venue Information:
Stage on Herr
268 Herr Street
Harrisburg, PA, 17102