Full Band Open Jam w/ Mark Santanna

Full Band Open Jam w/ Mark Santanna

Thu, August 3, 2017

8:00 pm

Stage on Herr

Harrisburg, PA


Full Band Open Jam w/ Mark Santanna
Full Band Open Jam w/ Mark Santanna
You never know what to expect at this event. It is one of the most interesting nights of improvisational music in the area. Come and experience the best of Harrisburg’s growing music scene.

Listen to what REAL people have been saying about open mic:

“The sound was incredible, it sounded like the most reverent pristine angels rubbing their wings together while playing harps.” Templeton Peck

“I was having trouble seeing in my left eye and after only a few songs the electric mayhem band restored my vision. I was blind but now I can see. IT'S A MIRACLE! I can also walk on water now!” Justin Leach

“Mark Santanna should be considered a musical confectioner because of all the sweet ear candy he manufactures." Johnathan Merks

“I just go because the beer is cold and the girls are pretty.” Some guy with a beard and a truck.

Don’t let everyone else have all the fun. Come and experience it for yourself!!!

Full Band Open Mic/Jam at Stage on Herr

We got: A drum set with cymbals
2 guitar amps
1 bass amp
3 vocals
Professional audio
Best Soundman in the business.

If you wanna play sign the list when you get there. Each band will get to play in rotation of first come first serve. The host band is Mark Santanna and the Electric Mayhem. Please check in with the host band if you wish to play.

If you want to do anything weird I'm sure it will be great but please drop a message. You know what weird means.
Venue Information:
Stage on Herr
268 Herr Street
Harrisburg, PA, 17102