Art Swap

Art Swap

Sun, April 30, 2017

12:00 pm (event ends at 4:00 pm)

The Capitol Room

Harrisburg, PA


Art Swap
Art Swap
Art Trade, Buy & Sell April 30th-12-4pm Capitol Room at Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center

An artists dream; the opportunity to trade and buy supplies, sell your wares, and network with other artists all at the same time.
Not an artist? We would still love to have you donate and/or trade.

A few minor rules and answers to would be questions:
1. All participants must register with Jennifer Hara to reserve a spot at this free event.
2. All registrants must participate in the primary trade/sale portion of this event. Just selling your finished products is not allowed.
3. Registrants are to stay with their items, through the duration of the event. To be clear this is not a consignment sale where someone else does the work for you.
4. All items must be approved. No drop offs, unless for donation for the free portion of this event, but drop offs still must be approved.
5. Items for trade or donation must be clean and in good condition, and must be approved upon arrival. While we as artists are aware that some of the most fun can be had out of using unusual or dismantled pieces of other things, we do not want to accept broken glass, dirty, soiled or toxic items.
6. No unwanted items may be left behind at the end of the day, unless a collection is done by the organizers.

Ideas for things to bring for barter or trade:
*blank canvases, paper
*mattes and framing supplies
*artist tools-paint brushes, scissors, plyers, etc
*beads, buttons, embellishments
*barely used markers, paint, pencils, etc
* collected items from nature – wood, shells, stones, pine cones, feathers ect.
*Jars, baskets and other vessels
* Any and all children’s art supplies
If you're looking to acquire something specific and/or unsual for trade or purchase, feel free to post a "want ad" in the comment section on the event page. Sign up by 4/20 to secure your space. Set up will start at 11am on the 30th. No tables will be provided. Bring your own setup. For more information and reservation of your space, contact Jennifer Hara at subject “ART TRADE”
Venue Information:
The Capitol Room
1110 N. 3rd Street
Harrisburg, PA, 17102