Playing For Purpose: Music & Arts Festival

Playing For Purpose: Music & Arts Festival

Wings that Buzz, Black Black Beast, Watergate, CASA Kids for the Cause, Jon Ingels, Nick Andrew Staver, ADG, CASA Kids for the Cause

Sat, March 4, 2017

Doors: 12:00 pm / Show: 1:00 pm

The Capitol Room

Harrisburg, PA


Mountain Road
Mountain Road
Formed in early 2010 in Harrisburg, Mountain Road has quickly made a name for themselves throughout the area. Packing venues and captivating audiences around the mid state and beyond. From their high energy renditions of timeless country classics to their original blend of rock, country, and blues Mountain Road has a little something for every listener. With their self titled EP and newly released album "County Rockin' Blues" under their belt Mountain Road is ready to conquer the music world. Keep and eye and ear out for this little band from Harrisburg, they are reaching for the spotlight.
Cameron Molloy Band
Cameron Molloy Band
The first song I ever learned to sing? "Lovesick Blue" Hank senior, I was 4 or 5. First time on stage ? School Christmas concert, just turned 6. I was in "black face" and was supposed to sing "Old Black Joe". I didn't make it to the first line before I burst out in tears. First case of stage fright. Always loved music growing up, got a guitar for Christmas when I was 15. Didn't pick up much on it for a year or so, then started getting into it with some friends. Started a band and was promptly booted out of it, was not a fast learner. Kept at it though, had bands in high school, took a couple of lessons but found I could learn more watching guitar players at dances and then going home and figuring out what they were doing.
The Beatles, Ed Sullivan Show did it for me. After I graduated I played in a few bands around the town I grew up in. When I went to college, I started a 4 piece band and co wrote my first song with the other guitar player. Really went to work on writing over the next year and a half. Was buried in a pipeline cave in summer of 1970, my right arm was badly messed up. Took a year to get it back. During my rehab lived with some friends in Vancouver , top floor of the house had a big room that was our music room. Hurt my back one night and while everyone else headed out to the bar, I spent 6 hours listening to "American Beauty" over and over again. I tore that album apart , listening to each individual instrument and voice. Then the lyrics, Garcia and Hunter took me away.
After I was released by the Workers Compensation Board I went to work on a forestry look out and wrote and wrote. Went back up the next summer then headed to Vancouver in the fall of 1972 to pursue a music career. During that time I got to work with the late Nigel Pickering, founding member of Spanky and Our Gang. Guy was an amazing singer and vocal arranger, all the parts in his head. He was a hard task master and I was a mediocre lead guitar player.
Hit the road in 1973 out to Alberta, playing in lounges. Had a band in 1974 called Black Elk, we toured around British Columbia until we got canned in my home town after two nights. That was a humbling experience. Went back to work as a solo and started recording for SGM Records in Vancouver. Put out out a few singles and then in early 1976, after a government change, auto insurance rates went through the roof. Wrote and recorded a song called the "ICBC Blues". Introduced it the night after I wrote it at a concert in Prince George B.C. It brought the house down! We recorded it as soon as I got back to Vancouver and it was released to the local radio stations. CBC picked up on it as a news item then one of the mainstream rock station got a hold of it and launched a 24 hour protest about the insurance issue and played the song every 15 minutes for 24 hours.
Then it died out, and I went back to playing lounges for the next couple of years, building a following writing by myself and Denis Gunn who is the most prolific song writer I have ever known.
In 1977 , the British Columbia Country Music Association had its first award show. I was nominated for the best solo performer and won, much to my surprise.
A promoter in Vancouver gave a tape of my material tomCraig Wood a producer with CBC in Vancouver and I got to do a Country Roads tv show . That led to a full album project for Radio Canada International . Entitled Transcriptin: Cam Molloy, it was a critical success. All the songs were written by myself or co writes with Denis Gunn with the exception of Townes Van Zants " Pancho and Lefty" . We nailed it Townes told me we nailed it and told writer and broadcaster Jesse McRae that if he ever recorded it again he would use my arrangement.. Quite an honor to be told that by a writer like Townes Van Zant.
Following the release ofbe albumi put a band together called the Molloy Gang. We had quite a run in western Canada. Went into the studio with Craig Wood again and recorded "Tennessee Belle" as the "A" side and at the insistence of the man financing the project "Ghost Riders in the Sky". We ended up with a double sided hit. Both songs are on YouTube, put out there by an old friend, Ghostbrider has been my signature song now for almost 35 years,. It has received close to 29000 visits on YouTube.
Nick Andrew Staver
Nick Andrew Staver is bringing a new voice to the blues. Assigned with the gritty personalities of a blue collar worker to the seducing baritone of a lovers quarrel and reconciliation, each song defines its own character inside the autobiographical music. Add in sharp improv skills and award winning songwriting his music lays the blues on the line and never hesitates to go beyond its borders.

Based in south central Pennsylvania, the surrounding hills and the roads that lead out of town have become a second home. Comfortably found in the local venues or hundreds of miles away, Nick uses each experience to add to his budding musical knowledge, experience and maturity.

Gathering a respect to the music that has come before him, Nick has spent most of his musical career performing and learning on the fly. From small corner bars to large auditoriums, he has gained the experience and knowledge of a professional musician while maintaining the mindset to never get ahead of himself.

"The musical journey is important to me and making sure I pour myself truthfully and humbly into my music is as well, but it's also important not to forget to enjoy the moment and have fun with all that I do. I get to play music everyday for all sorts of listeners… thats the best part of this gig." - NAS

Nick Andrew Staver invites you listen to his perception of the blues and how deep the connection between life and music can go. Always reflecting off his past and paying respects to his idols, both past and present, his music moves within him and resonates with his audiences. Each performance is an intimate opportunity to capture a desired dose of Rhythm & Blues mixed into modern songwriting storylines.
Venue Information:
The Capitol Room
1110 N. 3rd Street
Harrisburg, PA, 17102