The Devyl Nellys

The Devyl Nellys

J and The 9s, One Trick Grizzly

Fri, June 9, 2017

9:00 pm

The Capitol Room

Harrisburg, PA


The Devyl Nellys
The Devyl Nellys
In 2011, After writing for artists at Interscope, Mercury, and Relentless Records, Nelly brought her bright, pop choruses and witty, profound lyrics to The Devyls dancey drums, moving tempos and tasty guitar licks, and ... The Devyl Nellys were formed.

Their debut LP "Too Much Information" dropped April 2014 on Mondo Tunes / Universal Music and has landed these bohemian funk rockers on the radars of the alternative rock scene, identifying dark, low points in modern living and loving, ... While offering rhythms, rhymes and laughs to help us all cope through it.

The Devyls' music has been placed on television networks ... Discovery, Lifetime, ESPN, FX, NFL Network, Super Bowl Week and NASCAR ... They launched the "Too Much Information" East Coast Tour in Spring 2014 and will be playing 110+ dates this year across music venues, colleges, universities, festivals, radio stations and in the Coca-Cola Mellow Yellow Nascar and Hot Rod Summer Concert Series.
J and The 9s
J and The 9s
j and the 9s are a hard hitting, glam punk rock band from brooklyn, new york that breed together rock and roll riffs, the raw sound and agility of punk, lyrical spontaneity, glam visuals, a rock flute, and a very interactive stage show.

often referenced as a mix of some of the most influential rockers of the 70's: led zeppelin, iggy pop and the runaways, j and the 9s strip back the beast that music once was: true rock n’ roll that is not so politely thrown at you on a dripping, glittering platter. they have toured both nationally and internationally.

notable credits: warped tour li 2014, cbgb fest 2014, cmj 2014/15, sxsw 2015-2017, russia 2015: moscow and vladivostok (including a performance at the v-rox festival for over 5,000 people), zandari festa: seoul, korea 2016 (and other korean venues), nyc's most prestigious venues as well as smaller festivals/conferences/venues up and down the east coast and through the midwest. their music video for song "ball and chain" aired on mtv russia, as well as 30 stations throughout the u.s. for 3 months via a reverbnation/bongo boy t.v. opportunity. 2015: they were bumblefoot's backing band for his only sxsw performance, and later in the year shared the stage with love psychedelico (japan), hani el khatib, and yb (korea). 2016: direct support for mumiy troll. russia's most famous rock band.

their 2nd ep "the terrible twos" will be released in the summer of 2017.
One Trick Grizzly
One Trick Grizzly
With the release of the Bear Essentials EP, One Trick Grizzly brings a new feel to a classic genre. Lush with layered fuzz tones, addicting vocal melody, and an all around aggressive attitude, the record boasts the aesthetic of 90’s alternative rock anthems. Although songs are diverse from one another, there is a glue that holds the songs together much like a concept album. Most importantly, the EP never really loses track of the emotional platform great songs are built from.

The first single, “I Want You”, is a hard edged rock track that brings out the bands dark, but fun side. Complete with an ever catchy chorus, and indie rock guitar riffs, the song builds and breathes as new sounds come through right up to it’s high powered break downs.

“The name of the single "I Want You" pulls from the feeling we have towards someone we need and we tried to put that into a powerful, hard hitting song to show that. This song most clearly represents our immediate vision of what we wanted our band to sound like and is the first thing that we wanted our fans to hear when they first hear our music.” Explains the band of their single.
Although the single speaks volumes for the EP, to get a real understanding of where One Trick Grizzly is coming from, it should be heard in it’s entirety.

“This EP is earliest form of the sound we are try to achieve and has helped us move forward to created our first full length album. It has let us experiment in the studio and led us to find that powerful and catchy sound that we are looking for.” Says front man John Bocian of the release and evolution of the bands sound.

Bocian and bassist Jon Semborski started off playing open mics down in York PA during the summer of 2014. As a duo, they played with just an electric and acoustic and focused most live performances on cover songs. After inviting long time friend and drummer Kyle Herb to join them, things began to change. They grabbed a 4 hour long showcase spot at a local open mic and started rehersing more often while learning new covers for their set. Eventually, they honed into a sound all their own and began writing original material of their own. Out of 7 originals, they narrows it down to 3 and decided to record those to release as an EP. The Bear Essentials EP was recorded over a 4 day span with producer and engineer Michael Washkevich who helped shape the sound and feel of the songs with the band. Since then One Trick Grizzly has been back to focusing on live shows, working their on line presence, and writing new material. The band plans to go back to Washkevich to record a full length later this year.

The Bear Essentials EP is now available for streaming and download on most digital outlets and the and the band is consistently booking shows as will be a part of Gettysburg Rocks music festival in February which is a charity event for Four Diamonds Cancer Fund.

As the band themselves put it, “Being a three piece we wanted to be able to create a wall of sound with lots of power and emotion. We just want our fans to get lost in that power and emotion with us.”

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Venue Information:
The Capitol Room
1110 N. 3rd Street
Harrisburg, PA, 17102