Grayscale brings “Umbra” tour to Harrisburg

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Philadelphia alt-rock band Grayscale has announced its third full-length album, “Umbra,” the follow up to 2019’s “Nella Vita” and 2017’s debut “Adornment.” The album finds the band – Collin Walsh (lead vocals), Andrew Kyne (guitar), Nick Ventimiglia (bass), Dallas Molster (guitar), and Nick Veno (drums) – not reborn, but refined as they truly came into their sound.

Their story: Five best friends got together and started a band. They took intimate urban stories of broken hearts, bad drugs, blissful sex, and busted dreams and turned them into one alternative rock cult favorite after another.

Then, they crossed into the next dimension with a bold depiction of the big sound they’d always hinted at uplifted on a high of gospel harmonies, horn solos, and the kind of lyrics you get tattooed in places you want people to see (and places you don’t want people to see).

“This band is how we express ourselves,” Walsh said. “I come from an old-school Irish family that didn’t talk about feelings. This band means so much to me, because I’ve been best friends with these guys since I was 13 years old. We’ve known each other for 60 percent of our lives at this point. These are real stories. We love what we do. It’s why we’re alive.

“In a celestial sense, ‘Umbra’ is the area of complete darkness in an eclipse. It’s a shadowy interior that would otherwise be surrounded by light. The sound of the record is pop-rock on the outside, but when you listen to what I’m saying, the stories on the inner core are sexual, vindictive, and wicked. That’s the concept. It reflects the authenticity of who we are as an East Coast rock band. We’re not trying to be anything other than exactly what we are.”

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