3.5 An Evening, Supreme!: Vermin Supreme Comes To Harrisburg!

An Evening, Supreme!: Vermin Supreme

Blind Accuracy!


Vermin Supreme, The Perennial, Boot-wearing US presidential Candidate Who Just Wanted To Be A Loving Tryant

Makes his way on his 2020 campaign trail to Harrisburg! An unprecedented campaign where for many years, he’s campaigned on a platform of a free pony to every American to base the economy on ponies (pony-nomics), preparing us for the zombie apocalypse by converting zombies into a nationalized power source, mandatory teeth brushing, and investing in time machine technology so he can go back and change the past for the better, including killing Hitler, amongst many other bold promises.

Vermin will be here to speak to all about his activism and his plans for the future, including securing the 2020 Libertarian Party presidential nomination, and is always down for a good laugh and a photo.

We hope to welcome him, with some great sounds and in art in HMAC’s beautiful Capitol Room. Any interested artists or vendors please contact Brendan Finegan.

Bands: Jelli!
Blind Accuracy!

$10 @ door