1.18 The Rust Showcase: Face Plant, Maxfield, Wessanders

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The Rust Showcase: Face Plant, Maxfield, Wessanders


January 18, 2020

Doors: 8PM

$15.00 General Admission

$25.00 For dual admission

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Face Plant

Face Plant is the diabolical bass chemist bonding ionic melodies with torrential waves of rugged sound design. With a masterful understanding of numerous instruments and an uninhibited desire to further stimulate his production knowledge, Jason Shepherd (Face Plant) composes an unmistakably original formula for his bubbly, yet cathartic audio solutions, and lets them pulse with exuberant life both in the studio as well as during his live performances.

The face is the primary means of emotional expression. To plant is to place something with the intention to have it grow. It’s with these ideas in mind that Face Plant looks to create and express emotions through his music. In order to facilitate the growth of the mind, Face Plant aims to plant inspiration in his listeners and to become a plant of sorts himself; manufacturing emotions.
Face Plant has shared the stage with Ott., Jade Cicada, Zebbler Encanti Experience, Desert Dwellers, Kalya Scintilla, Bogtrotter, Sixis, kLL sMTH, CloZee, Supersillyus, Mumukshu, Unlimited Gravity, Cofresi, Goopsteppa and plenty more.

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For audiences, Maxfield music strikes that critical balance between provoking thought and motivating movement. Maxfield uses an intergalactic imagination to create sonic contortions and space age thematics that challenge the intellect, while at the same time setting down a physical groove that’s impossible to ignore.

The Boston-based producer generally chooses not to adhere to trends in electronic songwriting. Instead, he indulges a wandering creativity that blurs the already hazy distinctions between sub-genres of electronic music. Whether he’s writing a seven-minute symphonic story or a glitch-laden dance floor wrecker, Maxfield’s willingness to experiment distinguishes him and leads to one-of-a-kind compositions.

Jake Maxfield (Maxfield) attended Berklee College of Music to cultivate his prolific skill with the guitar. Once there, though, the right combination of music, moments, and people soon found him studying electronic music and the technology behind it. Although Jake will still sometimes incorporate his own guitar riffs into his songs, raw, mechanized sound design is his specialty. Still, in funky bass lines and dramatic melodic flourishes one can hear the echoes of Jake’s instrumental upbringing.
To date Maxfield has supported other bass and glitch producers such as Opiuo, Thriftworks, kLL sMTH, Space Jesus, Whitebear, Bogtrotter, and Ill Gates. With a meticulous work ethic, he continues to expand and refine his sound design and compositional abilities at a dramatic pace.



Wessanders aka Kai Felsman is comfortable composing across various styles without fitting neatly into any one genre. Kai’s pursuit of visceral musical moments, combined with his education in electronic music production, results in a raw, exposed sound that’s still clean and refined from a production standpoint.

Musically speaking, Kai is a well-traveled individual. He’s heavily influenced by sounds and styles from around the world, particularly those on the African continent where’s he lived on two occasions. The dynamic polyrhythms common to world music are foundational for Wessanders. As a graduate of Berklee College of Music, Kai is uniquely positioned to combine these diverse influences with the contemporary cutting-edge in sound design and arrangement to create impactful, one-of-a-kind bass music.

After cutting his teeth within New England’s electronic music community, Wessanders is branching out and reaching new markets. His fluid and engaging live performances captivate audiences, be they fans of glitch hop, dubstep, future bass, house, you name it. His music is complex yet accessible, so audiences can approach Wessanders from multiple angles, whether they’re audiophiles or just out for a good head nod. Regardless of circumstances, weight – that heavy, low-end content that provokes a strong physical response – remains the common denominator across the Wessanders catalog.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Recent Releases:
Face Plant – https://soundcloud.com/faceplantmusic/sets/decoherence-ep
Maxfield –https://soundcloud.com/jake-maxfield/sets/the-familiar-taste-of-poison
Wessanders – https://soundcloud.com/wessanderssays/sets/up-here[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]