9.20 Unlimited Gravity at HMAC

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Unlimited Gravity

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Friday | September 20, 2019 | Doors 7PM Show 8PM


HMAC 1110 N. 3rd St. Harrisburg, PA 17102

$15 Advanced General Admission Tickets


18+ to enter / 21+ to drink

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“DEMIGOD PT. 1” now available on MHSM Records

Stream/Purchase: https://fanlink.to/DEMIGOD

   Unlimited Gravity (Ronnie Weberg) is a multi-talented, life-long musician, originating from the heart of the contemporary electronic music scene – Denver, Colorado. The Unlimited Gravity sound is best described as an ingenious alchemical hybrid, combining the chaotic energy of crunchy crunk beats with the calculated precision and intensity of a classically trained composer. Setting himself apart from the masses, Ronnie has the unique ability to masterfully create the most marvelous dichotomy of sound within each track. Two dynamically oppositional forces are pitted against each other in a musical battle royale; the result is always a titanic struggle of epic proportions, from which only Unlimited Gravity could possibly emerge victorious.

    Performing live using completely original productions, Ronnie tramples genre boundaries with an energy that is utterly impossible to replicate. Unlimited Gravity adheres to no laws. He defies physics with his musical feats, and is helping to usher in a new era of musicality, creativity, and originality in electronic music. As Vice President of the Mile High Sound Movement, one of the most influential artist collectives in Colorado, Unlimited Gravity is changing the face of electronic and bass music.
   Ronnie and the President of The Mile High Sound Movement, Jay Jaramillo (Project Aspect), also have a collaborative project titled “Unlimited Aspect.” Unlimited Aspect is an absolutely one-of-a-kind performance, combining the explosive energy of two of Colorado’s most talented artists to form a synthesis of face-melting siren synths and earth-shaking basslines. Project Aspect and Unlimited Gravity are unreservedly the best at what they do.
-Written by Ethan Baer (EDM.com)

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