Addictive Appetizers: 3 to Try

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Top 3 Appetizers to Try at H·MAC 

Who can’t live without appetizers? Who doesn’t love a good variety to choose from? HMAC’s TheKitchen & GalleryBar offers a wide variety of affordable choices that satisfy your stomach’s ultimate cravings.

Our top 3 appetizers to try are:

Lobster Artichoke Delight Dip – $10.50

Vera Cruz Tacos– $2.00 everyday!

Italian Bruschetta – $9.00

The Lobster Artichoke Delight Dip is made from imported Lobster from Maine, cream cheese topped with mozzarella served with mini pita bread. This appetizer is perfect to share with the company of some friends or family.

The Vera Cruz Tacos are brand new to the menu! This appetizer includes three tacos that are made with crispy lettuce, diced tomatoes, onion, shredded Monterrey jack cheese, fresh cilantro and your choice of beef, chicken, shrimp or vegetarian…Yum!

The Italian Bruschetta is a healthy option, that is made with freshly diced tomatoes, homemade olive tapenade, fresh parmesan cheese, drizzled with aged balsamic reduction.

Hungry? Meeting up with some friends later? Come to H·MAC and try some of our delicious appetizers. Your taste buds will certainly be satisfied.

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