H·MAC Showcases Art from Local Harrisburg Artists

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Kevyn Knox’s 101 Faces: The Portrait Art of Kevyn Knox being Showcased at H·MAC

The Gallery Bar houses a variety of art to view and purchase, focusing on contemporary urban art, abstract illustration, street art and more. The Gallery Bar is located within the 150-seat restaurant and bar area. This area is completely furnished and decorated with several unique reclaimed materials and offers regularly rotating shows of both local and regional artists.

Currently, H·MAC is showcasing a variety of pieces from local artists, and one of our very own bartenders, Kevyn Knox.

Knox is a self-taught artist from Harrisburg who makes art from the heart. He explores various mediums and styles throughout all of his pieces. His artistic influences range from Modigliani to Paul Klee to Warhol & Basquiat.

Kevyn Knox’s 101 Faces: The Portrait Art of Kevyn Knox, is currently being showcased at H·MAC. This series applies his style of “outsider artist-esque” portraits while utilizing the brightest of colors. He plays with skin color by using so-called unnatural colors like cornflower blues, marigold yellows, and neon greens. The portraits are based on people who he knows and loves, as well as figures of his imagination.

He is currently in the works of taking found objects and gluing them onto canvases and other objects. This is known as “Trash Art.” He essentially utilizes and repurposes broken toys, bottle caps, nuts & bolts, pieces of glass, and more to be used in his work. Knox is also collecting photos with his variety of different Polaroid cameras. Knox currently has a series in the making called “Women in Suits,” that will be on display in the fall.

Knox is the self-proclaimed Andy Warhol of Harrisburg due to the nature of artwork he presents on Instagram. His Instagram is a direct homage to how Warhol used his Polaroid portraits to explore his world in the 1970’s and 80’s.

Knox is also a blogger, film and tv historian & critic and writer of All Things Kevyn. For those interested in purchasing Knox’s work, his paintings range anywhere from $50 to $1000. Be sure to follow him on Instagram at @kevynknox to view his kitschy road-trip photos and Warholian pop-art portraits.

Come to H·MAC, to have a drink and take a tour of our Gallery Bar to look at our latest featured artists. If you are a local artist interested in having your work displayed, stop into H·MAC to discuss details! Below are some pieces made by other local artists up on display!