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In everything, balance. We aspire towards it. We lie about having it. Balance is a common tie between so many aspects of our being. Work and play, sleep and wake. Eastern, Greek and modern philosophies are steeped in it. Even a silver lining needs a touch of grey. But, why are we pre-programmed to seek balance? Why can’t we overload our individual tastes? Who says too much of everything isn’t just enough?

Keller Williams, when performing primarily solo, wrestles with this question. He defines both balance and imbalance in live music. On those occasions he is standing still, he fits neatly behind his mic stand with a diminutive physical presence. But he can’t stay still for long. He fills the space on the stage- both literally and musically. He demands all your attention to witness his creation of musical layers. His quest for sonic and visual balance is constant.

Sat, March 17, 2018
8:00 pm
The Capitol Room – Harrisburg, PA


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